Tasman Geotechnics can provide a service tailored to suit your specific needs!

Site Classifications (to AS2870)

Planning on undertaking a new build, or adding an extension to an existing structure?​ Chances are that you will require a site classification (soil test) for footing design. Tasman Geotechnics offer competitive rates and swift turn around times on reports.

Slope Stability Assessments

Want to develop your site but the property is on or near a slope or embankment that is at risk of failing (or has already failed). Our experienced staff will assess the region, identifying potential hazards and associated risks to proposed  or existing developments. All of our slope stability assessments are carried out to the Australian Geomechanics Society Landslide Risk Management Guidelines.

Pavement Design

Whether it's for a new pavement, or reconstruction of an existing pavement, Tasman Geotechnics can provide the necessary parameters to ensure the completed project will perform as required.


Have you got a development that requires a footing design that can't be achieved through AS2870? Whether its for a 40m+ telecommunication tower, multi-storey development or foot/vehicle bridge, Tasman Geotechnics can provide the necessary geotechnical design parameters for a number of different foundation types.

Construction Advice/Inspections

Need in-situ construction advice or inspection of foundations and embankments to ensure they meet the design specifications? Contact us to see how we can help to ensure you meet your deliverables.

Settlement Calculations and Compaction Criteria

Need to know the suitability of a certain material for use as fill? Have to raise the current ground level to meet design levels but have concerns about settlement?

Tasman Geotechnics can investigate to determine the compaction criteria for materials and the magnitude of settlement expected under a given design static load.

The geotechnical advice provided by Tasman Geotechnics is based on field investigations to assess subsurface conditions. This may include borehole, excavation pit or in-situ testing. We engage specialist subcontractors, such as driller and excavator operators, and direct their actions in the field. When required, testing is carried out at NATA accredited laboratories with which Tasman Geotechnics has strong relationships.​

Require a Geotechnical Investigation that is not listed above? Don't panic, we don't want to overload you with our extensive list of services. Please call or send us an email regarding your project and we will develop a scope of works to deliver the geotechnical parameters you need!